Restorative Care

Why Might My Child Need Restorative Care?

Maintaining good oral health is crucial as dental problems can persist for a lifetime. Despite following a proper oral hygiene routine, issues like cavities, chipped teeth, and infections can still occur, necessitating restorative treatment. Therefore, it’s vital to prioritize regular dental check-ups starting from an early age to prevent such problems from developing and keep your child’s teeth healthy.

What To Expect During the Appointment

Firsts, the dentist will examine the child’s teeth for any issues, including cavities, cracks, or chips, and then create a treatment plan to address these problems and maintain the child’s oral health. We understand that dental visits can be challenging for children, especially if they are in pain, but our team at Amazing Kids Dentistry & Orthodontics is compassionate and gentle to help ease their treatment experience.

Restorative Treatment Options for Children

Composite Dental Fillings

  • When your child develops a cavity, the dentist will extract the decayed part and replace it with a composite dental filling to reinstate their oral health.

Pediatric Dental Crowns

  • These can be necessary for bigger cavities, but also to repair a broken or chipped tooth, or a primary tooth that hasn’t grown correctly.

Space Maintainers

  • These are used to preserve the space left by a baby tooth until the permanent tooth grows in, helping to reduce tooth misalignment later on


  • If there’s a baby tooth with a severe cavity, a pulpotomy can remove the decayed tissue that has likely reached the nerve which is causing your child pain.


  • Baby teeth can be extracted before they loosen on their own to allow the primary teeth to grow better, reducing misalignment problems and other dental issues.

Laughing Gas Sedation

  •  We offer laughing gas sedation (nitrous oxide) as a safe and gentle tool to reduce your child’s dental anxiety. This helps children have a calm and enjoyable time even during dental procedures.
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